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What is “sowell design office”?

Fukui Prefecture produces more than 90% of eyeglasses made in Japan. sowell design office is located in Sabae City, which is representative of the eyeglasses industry in Japan. We—with a focus on eyewear design—plan products related to eyewear, make designs for eyewear type wearable devices, and plan designs for other products. In particular, titanium processing technology and the materials used in eyeglasses manufacturing technology are not well recognized in different industries, so we propose to introduce them to make things that could not have been realized until now.


Satoshi Waki

Eyewear Designer

“sowell design office” Founder

Born in 1972 in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Raised in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture
B.A. in Arts and Crafts and M.A. from Kanazawa College of Art
Since 2000 he has planned designs for well-known brands domestically and overseas, planned designs for the original house brand of an eyeglass planning design company, planned designs for domestic and foreign famous brands, and worked in production management and sales for large-scale eyeglasses business plans. His eyewear designs have also received awards at eyeglasses exhibitions and are featured in a collection at a museum in Fukui Prefecture. He is currently a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University in the Department of Product Communication. There he was in charge of the eyewear design course, which was a required subject last term.

Our Works

We do not only design eyeglasses, but other products as well.

Eyeglasses Design

We offer a wide range of styles making full use of our design experience with many brands

Eyeglasses Consultant

We provide consulting based on experience in production planning, and production quality control with a sales perspective.

Eyeglasses Graphics

We create high-quality rendering images based on 3D data.

Product Design

We offer designs from an ergonomic point of view cultivated through eyeglasses design, which is difficult compared to designing other products.

Illustrations and Logo Making

We create illustrations to match images and logo designs.

Wearable Devices

We have wearable product development experience with a major IT company.

Original Brand

We plan to set up an original glasses brand that carries on the DNA of the founder's grandfather and father, who were a tailor and a craftsman, respectively.

What is So Well?

so well = very good
We gave ourselves this name because we want the people we reach to become "so well."
The "s" in "Sabae" and the "w" in "world" are also connected to the "o" of eyeglasses lenses.

About Sabae

Sabae, Fukui Prefecture: a world-class city for eyeglasses. So Well runs its production here. Population: 69,000. There are three main local industries: eyeglasses frames, lacquerware, and fiber.One in six people is involved in the eyeglasses industry.


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